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Here be dragons!

TEpredict: predicting T-cell epitopes

TEpredict is able to:

  • predict MHC class I binders

  • predict MHC class II binders

  • predict proteasomal/immunoproteasomal processing of antigens

  • predict peptide-TAP binding

  • exclude peptides shareing local similarity with human proteins from the set of predicted epitopes

  • assess expected population coverage by the selected set of peptides

  • assist you in identifying the minimal set of peptides covering the most MHC class I alleles chosen for prediction

  • analyze a batch of antigen sequences at once

  • process antigen sequences, written either in Fasta or GenBank format

Besides GUI, TEpredict has command line interface or it could be used as a Python package. These was done to allow you to automate analysis of data.

All questions and suggestions should be adressed to the author:

If you use TEpredict, please cite:

Antonets D., Maksyutov A. TEpredict: software for T-cell epitope prediction. Mol Biol (Mosk). 2010. V. 44, P. 119-127. (Doi: 10.1134/S0026893310010152)

This project was supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research grant #12-04-31746 mol_a