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PolyCTLDesigner: a program  for constructing  polyepitope immunogens

PolyCTLDesigner is able to:

  • assist you to choose antigenic peptides to be included into the polyepitope immunogen

  • design N-terminal flanking sequences for antigenic peptides to optimize their binding to TAP

  • design spacer sequences to be incerted between antigenic peptides to optimize proteasomal/immunoproteasomal release of epitopes included into polyepitope antigen

  • lower the number of junctional epitopes - those that don't present in the antigens of interest and appeared in the polytope due to artificial joining of antigenic peptides

  • suggest you some T-helper epitopes worth including into the polytope for more efficient stimulation of CD4+ T-cells


PolyCTLDesigner depends on Biopython, and graph and PyEvolve packages! Links to PolyCTLDesigner scripts could be found on the Download page. Currently PolyCTLDesigner has no GUI or CLI and it could be used only as a Python module. Some important functions of PolyCTLDesigner require TEpredict modules, included into  PolyCTLDesigner  distribution.

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